Mountain Climbing in Uganda, Climb Mountain Elgon in Uganda

Mountain Elgon National Park is located in the Eastern Part of Uganda covering an area of 1145 kms2 East of Mbale Town one of Uganda’s beautiful busy towns. The Park comprises of the prominent Mountain Elgon an  exciting Hiking Destination in Uganda for all travelers interested in climbing to its highest point i.e Wagagai Peak.

Mountain Elgon is an extinct Volcano elevating to approximately 4,321 meters spanning both the Ugandan and Kenyan border

Map of Mountain Elgon National Park

Various Rivers and Waterfalls await all hikers as they visit this remarkable National Park in Uganda while on holiday Adventures Tour. It also includes the Sipi Falls a destination that is worth visiting and adventuring for it comprises of three various waterfalls which include; Waterfall 1, Waterfall 2 and Waterfall 3 very suitable for all interested in Angling as they catch the Rainbow Sprout. These are very appropriate for anglers around the world who transfer here to fish the rare Rainbow Sprout.

The Peaks of Mountain Elgon 

The Mountain comprises of five different peaks to be adventured by all kinds of hikers from all over the globe and these include;

  • Wagagai (4,321 meters) in Uganda
  • Sudek (4,302 meters) in Kenya/Uganda border
  • Koitobos (4,222 meters) in Kenya
  • Mubiyi (4,211 meters) in Uganda
  • Masaba (4,161 meters) in Uganda.

Other than Mountain Climbing in Mountain Elgon National Park, travelers can engage in various other safari Adventure Activities which include; Bird Watching, Wildlife viewing as they view the beautiful Savannah Elephants, Rock Climbing, Hiking and Nature Walks, Cycling, and Sports Fishing as well as Cultural Encounters.

Alternatively, hikers can hike other Mountains and Volcanoes in Uganda other then Mountain Elgon and these include; the majestic Mountain Rwenzori located in the far Western Part of Uganda, Mount Gahinga Volcano, Mount Muhavura Volcano and Mount Sabinyo Volcano in Mgahinga National Park.

Our Top Safari Tours to Mountain Elgon National Park

4 Days Mountain Elgon Safari

Mountain ELgon Hiking SafarisHike to the top of Mountain Elgon in Uganda on the 4 Days Mt. Elgon Hiking Safari Tour to enjoy the best.

5 Days Mountain Elgon Climb

hikers at mountain ELgon UgandaThe 5 Days Mountain Elgon Climb offers you remarkable Mt. Elgon Climbing Adventures in Uganda.

5 Days Safari Tour Mt. Elgon

Mountain Elgon Hiking TourClimb Mountain Elgon in Uganda on the 5 Days Safari Tour Mt. Elgon to tour Sipi Falls and Budaddiri.

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Mountain Rwenzori Uganda

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