What to See at Mountain Elgon National Park, The Attractions of Mountain Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon National Park is situated in the Eastern part of Uganda with numerous safari attractions which provide all travelers with exciting adventures.

These include; the majestic Mountain Elgon which is hiked by all travelers interested in a hiking adventure tour in Uganda for a period of of 3-6 days.

There are also the Sabiny People who are welcoming, entertaining to all travelers from all over the globe as well as the Savannah Elephants, Caves, bird species, the Wanale Hill, Wildlife species, Sipi falls as well as the Bagisu People of Elgon.


Mountain Elgon National Park’s vegetation inhabits many different vibrant bird species that can be watched by all vivid birders around the world. Book a birding safari to enjoy the best.


Mountain Elgon National Park inhabits multitudes of Savannah elephants that are fond of going deep into the caves for salt so as to supplement their diet of plants.

Mountain Elgon

Transfer to Uganda’s Mt. Elgon National Park and hike to the top of Mt. Elgon at Wagagai peak to experience remarkable hiking adventures in Uganda. Book a trip for the best


Involve in the culture of the people that live close to Mt. Elgon National Park i. e Bagisu, Sabiny, to enjoy live performances as they represent their traditions through songs


There are numerous caves that can be explored by travelers and these are frequently visited by Savannah Elephants that go here to lick salt tablets to supplement their plant diet.

Nature Walks

Nature walks are one of the prime activities carried out at Mt. Elgon National Park and are taken on various trails through thick forest vegetation, bamboo vegetation, caves.