Nature Walks at Mountain Elgon National Park, Hikes in Uganda

There are various trails at Mountain Elgon National Park and these proceed through the various caves, viewpoints and waterfalls.

The Sasa river trail is the most prominent here despite the fact that is is the shortest trail to take and toughest for it requires physical fitness as well as determination.

It is located on the western part of the mountain though with various routes i.e the Piswa trail on the Northern side and Sipi trail on the North western side.

It begins from Budadiri for a period of 4-5 days and ends here as well. It starts at Budadiri center where you will find the Uganda Wildlife Authority for briefing.

You will be driven for a distance of 6 km from Buddadiri (1250m ASL) to the trail head at Bumasola (1711m ASL).

Nature Walks at Mountain Elgon

You will transfer through communities in a distance of 3 km then later on, you will move further into the sky in a distance of 2 km then later on, you will reach the wall of death and the 300m high Mudange cliffs which used to be climbed using ropes something that has changed today fro they have been replaced with metals to enhance easy movement.

As you proceed further, the thicker the tropical forest will get. After some time, you will reach the Sasa River camp where you will leave later to get to the Mude cave camp.

After leaving the Mude Cave Camp, the trail that leads to the Wagagai summit leads you to the unique Jackson’s summit and table.

On your way, you will find the trail that goes to the hot springs and you will proceed straight towards the summit then later, you will find the shallow Jackson’s pool.

After sometime, you will reach the tremendous summit with a sign post marking the top and while here, you will have beautiful views of the caldera, hills and valleys.

Trails and Caves of Mountain Elgon National Park

There are other trails like the Mude cave Camp trail to the hot springs, the 7km (four-hour) mountain bamboo trail to Kapkwai Cave and this proceeds through tropical and bamboo forest where you will have a chance to spot many different primates, birds and rare trees like the Elgon teak and Elgon olive.

Trails of Mountain ElgonThe 5km walk to the Chebonet Falls and the 3km walk to the Kapkwai caves and here you will pass through the ridge view trail. There is also an 11km hike to the kitum Cave which is the most prominent cave among all.

Around Wanale, a visit to Khauka Cave takes 3-4 hours with an option to transfer through Nabuyoga loop where you will spot the Jackson’s Summit and the famous Wagagai peak.

Alternatively, take on short day hikes in Budadiri and  include the Mudagi Cliffs, Sasa River Camp and Drigana lower falls which are perfect for birding, nature walks and camping in the night.