Hiking Safaris to Mountain Elgon Uganda, Safari Tours at Mountain Elgon National Park

Hiking Safaris to the majestic Mountain Elgon is very exciting and rewarding to all that adventure in Mountain Elgon National Park where they will watch numerous primates, rare tree species, birds of the air and the beautiful green vegetation terrain.

These trails go through the caves, viewpoints and waterfalls. For nature walks, there are various trails that can be taken and these include the 7 km (four-hour) Mountain bamboo trail to Kapkwai Cave which goes through tropical and bamboo forest offering travelers an opportunity to spot many different primates, birds as well as rare trees like the Elgon teak and Elgon olive.

Hiking Adventures Uganda

The 5 km walk to the Chebonet Falls and 3km walk to the Kapkwai caves where you will go through the ridge view trail.

There is also an 11km hike to the Tutum Cave. Around Wanale, a visit to Khauka Cave takes 3-4 hours although, you can opt to transfer to the viewpoint via Nabuyoga loop where you will spot the Jackson’s Summit and Wagagai peak.

Short day hikes are also available in Budadiri and these cover the Mudagi Cliffs, Sasa River Camp and Drigana lower falls. They are perfect for birding, nature walks and camping in the night.

There are other attractions in the park and these include; the old cave paintings near the trail head at Budadiri, beautiful caves and hot springs in the crater and ceremonies as well as the prominent Imbalu dances that are performed by the traditional people during Manhood Initiation ceremonies.

Cost For Hiking Mountain Elgon

  • The park entrance fee and a ranger guide is US $90 per person.
  • Porter US $6 every day and must be paid in Ugandan Shillings.
  • Overnight Camping Fee US $6 per day of rest.
  • Cook fee US $6 per day should pay in Ugandan Shillings.

Equipment to Carry

  • Sleeping Mat
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Good Torch
  • Small tent
  • Gas Cooker
  • Utensils/ camping Gear.

Mountain Elgon Facts

  • It has the largest caldera in the world i.e 8 kms in diameter
  • It highest peaks is Wagagai at 4,321m & Jackson’s at 4,165m ASL
  • It has high altitude crater lakes
  • It has Hot springs 4,000ms ASL
  • It includes stunning Rock Sculptures, beautiful flowers, plants, mammals and beautiful waterfalls i.e Dirigana, Chebonet and Sipi falls, Sisiyi .