Lion Tracking Experiential in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lion Tracking Experiential in Uganda is one of the most interesting experiential tourism activities in Uganda carried out in the stunning Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The experiential is managed by the Uganda Carnivore Project and the tracking adventure requires you to join the researchers in the field as they track the Lions from one place to another.

You will track these in the Kasenyi Plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park with a limited number of individuals and all interested travelers should book in advance so as to enjoy your experience around the Lions.

Lion Tracking Safaris in Uganda

Lion Tracking Schedules, When to Go Lion Tracking in Uganda

The Lion Tracking Experiential is scheduled both in the Mornings and Late Afternoons taking a period of 1 to 3 hours using radio collars which are attached to the Lions.

The travelers with researchers follow the Lions by the trackers of the radio collars and when you meet them, you will learn about their way of life within the natural vegetation habitat.

How Much Does a Lion Tracking Permit cost

Experiential Lion Tracking in Queen Elizabeth National park costs US $70 per person interested. You have to book in advance due to the limited number of individuals allowed to transfer with the researchers on a game drive.


Lion Tracking Experiential Adventure

The Lion Tracking Experiential Adventure requires you to wake up have breakfast then embark on a transfer to monitor, research and track the stunning Lions within the Mweya Peninsular of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Lions wander in groups of 3 to 25 individuals in a pride.

Lion Tracking Adventures in UgandaWhile tracking, you must know the number of lions you are tracking for these can increase in number after being joined by other lions.

When you meet the lions, make sure to notice the nocturnal vocalizations (loud roars), hyena laughs and distress calls from the prey being caught. The researchers will inform you about the different tricks applied in tracking the lions for example, the way the lions wander through tall grasses creating a trail of bent grass.

Signs the Lions leave as you track them
  • The Lions usually scent mark their territory by rubbing the ground with their hind feet creating shallow parallel scrapes of bare soil of about 12 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters long.
  • They rub their heads in the bushes leaving some blonde hairs behind.
  • They spray dry and sticky urine on the bushes.

To all travelers transferring to Uganda for a unique Wildlife Safari Adventure should not miss out on experiencing this unique activity of Lion Tracking Experiential to track the King of the Jungle in its natural vegetation habitat.

Book your Lions tracking experience to enjoy the best Safaris in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park.