Mountain Biking at Mountain Elgon National Park Uganda, Biking Tours along Mountain Elgon.

Mountain Elgon National Park is among the most prominent biking Safari Destinations in Uganda due to the unique biking safari encounters it offers to all kinds of travelers around the world.

For all travelers looking to experience this unique safari activity should transfer to this park to enjoy the best biking adventures in Uganda.

Mountain Biking is a very exciting safari activity to all travelers interested in viewing the unique vegetation terrain, birds, mammals, etc. We advise you to transfer with your bikes and equipment as you are travelling into the country for the remarkable experience.

There are no companies offering these bikes to transfer visitors, although numerous companies are coming up to offer this service. However, a tour operator agency can book and rent you bikes that will enable you transfer to any part of the Mountain.

Mountain Biking in Uganda

Mountain biking takes about 1.5 hours to finish and the trails run from Sipi Trading Center to Chema hill in Kapchorwa town and while on this you will have beautiful views of the magnificent waterfalls as well as the Karamoja plains. The bikes used can be hired from Sipi River Lodge.

The trails that are taken are rugged stretching through the Pristine Forest Valley, stunning streams, different vegetation zones offering bikers unique exceptional adventures that last for ages.

For all planning to travel to Uganda to enjoy Mountain Biking should book and make arrangements with their airline agency before the day of travel. Other than biking around the Mountain, one can also transfer to the beautiful Sipi Falls where they will experience the three waterfalls.

There are other tourists attractions around the park and these include; scenic peaks, gorges, hot-springs, magnificent waterfalls, caves, and flora & fauna etc.