Mountaineering in Africa

Mountaineering Adventures in Africa, Climb the Mountains of Africa on Safari Tour

Mountaineering in Africa is an exceptional Safari Activity due to the unique safari Adventure Encounters it offers to all kinds of travelers from all over the globe interested in viewing Africa’s beautiful plains, Land forms, Lakes, vegetation as well as other unique vibrant species of birds and Animals. A typical African Safari is not all about Game Drives and Wildlife Watching but instead, a hike to Africa’s beautiful Mountains to spot a world not known on earth.

The Mountains vary from the snow capped Mountain Kilimanjaro Africa’s highest Mountain, Mountain Rwenzori to the forest covered Mount Kenya, the Alpine Meadows of the High Atlas Mountains and Mountain Elgon which spans two country borders i.e in Uganda and kenya.

Mountains of Africa to Hike

The Mountains of Africa every Hiker around the World should Climb include;

Mountain Kilimanjaro

Mountain Kilimanjaro is Africa’s Highest Mountain with 5,895-meters Above Sea Level in Tanzania making it Africa’s Highest Point and the most visited destination in Africa. Hiking to the top of this Mountain does not need you to be an avid hiker for anyone can get to the top as long as they are physically fit.

The Mountain comprises of six various Routes to the Summit each with its own challenges offering unique views at the scenery, vegetation terrain, birds, mammals with no special equipment required. As you transferring to the top, you will hike through various climatic zones accessing the arctic cold temperatures then to the glaciers that cover Kibo Peak one of Mountain Kilimanjaro’s Summits.

You should be aware of the weather/ climatic conditions of the Mountain due to the fact that these determine the difficulty and flexibility of your hike to the top of Mountain Kilimanjaro. However, the Best time to Hike Mountain Kilimanjaro is during the 2 distinct Trekking Seasons in the Months of JanuaryMarch and JuneOctober. This is because during these seasons, the weather is colder hence viewing snow at the top is possible.

Mountain Climbing Safaris

For all travelers interested in hiking the majestic Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Africa should book a Hiking Adventure Safari to experience the Best Hiking Adventure Tours in Africa on Holiday.

Mountain Rwenzori

Mountain Rwenzori is another Mountain to hike in Africa and this is located in the South Western Part of Uganda elevating to 5,109 metres (16,762 ft) requiring you to hike for 6-8 Days depending on your pace and climatic conditions. Just like Mountain Kilimanjaro, hiking to the Margherita Peak doesnot require Hiking Experience but rather the physical fitness of the group of hikers.

Getting to the top of Mountain Rwenzori requires you to transfer along two different Routes which include the Kilembe Route and Central Circuit Route managed by the Rwenzori Mountaineering Services.

The Best Time to Hike Mountain Rwenzori in Uganda is during the Months of June to August as well as December to February. During these months, the rain fall is not so much hence the trails are navigable and photographs are very clear due to the short grass/ vegetation.

All travelers looking to enjoy Hiking/ Climbing Adventures in Uganda should not miss out on visiting this majestic Mountain Rwenzori on Hiking Tour in Uganda.

Mountain Kenya

Mountain Kenya is Africa’s Highest Mountain located at an elevation of 5,199 meters South of the Equator with Glacial Valleys, stunning Vegetation Zones and numerous wildlife animals. The mountain is the most challenging Mountain to hike in East Africa due to its steep ascent through the ice capped peaks and temperatures that rise above freezing point.

There are numerous Routes hikers can take on while Hiking Mountain Kenya situated a few kilometers off the Capital City of Nairobi. The Routes take a period of 3 to 7 Days to finish at the Summit and are exceptional due to the views of vegetation terrain, birds, small mammals they offer to all hikers.

If you are an avid hiker, Climbing Mountain Kenya should be a Must Hike in Africa due to the unique Hiking Adventures it offers to all Travelers.

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are located in Morocco and are the highest Mountains in the Northern part of Africa. It comprises of Mount Toubkal at 4,165 meters which is the highest Peak requiring you to transfer along various Routes which are so challenging/ demanding. All hikers interested in hiking these Mountains Must be physically fit to beat the Mountains.

As you trek through the vegetation terrain along the Mountains, you will explore the beautiful gorges and rolling valleys as well as adventure the local Berber people who reside in the rough rugged terrains for centuries.

These are very challenging although very rewarding to all hikers that get here and the Best time to go Hiking the Atlas Mountains is during Summer Time.

Mountain Elgon

Mountain Elgon is located spanning two different borders that is in Uganda and Kenya in Mountain Elgon National Park found East of Uganda. The Mountain offers unique Hiking/ Climbing Adventures to all hikers all over the globe interested to transfer to the prominent Wagagai Peak at 4,321 meters. It comprises of a wide crater as well as other numerous jagged peaks.

Getting to the summit requires you to transfer using various routes for about 5-6 Days offering you views of the green vegetation terrain, Caves, stunning Cliffs, waterfalls, bamboo belts and Bird Species.

As you are moving down the Muntain, you will transfer into the vast Caldera at 40 kilometers long and 8 kilometers wide making  you hiking Adventure very exceptional and remarkable in Uganda.

Mountain Elgon can be hiked any time around the year although the Best Time to Hike the Mountain is during the dry season in the months between June to August and December to March. During this time, the trails are navigable and photography is clear.

Mountain Meru

Mountain Meru is the second highest Mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro at 4,565 meters and is also prominently hiked by numerous travelers from all over the world. Mountain Meru is a Volcanic Cinder Cone which will offer you unique stunning views at the green vegetation terrain i.e thick rain forest of about 2,900 meters as well as wildlife species and Rocks.

The Hiking Process requires you to transfer with the Local Masai People and can also be done by all travelers interested in hiking Mountain Kilimanjaro.

Mountain Meru can be trekked any time around the year although the Best time to hike Mountain Meru is during the dry season in the Months from June to March due to the fact that during these months, the trails are dry and navigable as well as photography is clear.

hike this Mountain before transferring to climb Mountain Kilimanjaro to enjoy the Best Hiking Adventure Tours in Tanzania.

The Drakensberg

The Drakensberg is a large Mountainous range in South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho elevating to 3,475 meters. These stretch about 1,125 kilometers offering casual day Hikes through native forests, rocky terraces and rough terrains. The Mountains are also very suitable for Game Drives and Wildlife watching.

The Mountains are very remarkable to hike due to the stunning scenery around them making it a Must Hike Mountain to all hikers around the world interested in Mountain Hiking/ Climbing in South Africa.

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