Nature Adventure Safaris in Rwanda

Nature Walk Tours in Rwanda’s Thick Green Forest Vegetation

Travel to the country of rolling hills Rwanda and experience/ take on various trails through the thick forest vegetation at the prominent Nyungwe Forest National Park and as well visit other parks like Volcanoes National Park and Akagera National Park. The country has a lot to offer to all travelers on holiday safari in beautiful country. Take on the Congo Nile Divide trail to experience the best of the country’s country sides.

Nature Walks in Rwanda

Other than the canopy walk in Nyungwe, there are other trails visitors can follow to enjoy more of the forest as well as the various species while in the forest and all guided walks begin from the central Uwinka reception Centre, the western Gisakura entrance and the and eastern Kitabi entrance.

A network of 10 mud trails is available to be hiked and these take you towards the middle of the forest and some of these include the 10km hike that will lead you towards the Ishuno waterfalls which are very beautiful and offer exceptional views of the surrounding vegetation. The waterfall is candid in size but calm offering life’s mysterious pleasures.

Nature Walks in Nyungwe forestThere is also another 200m walk along the forest trail below the thick forest canopies where you will spot various monkeys like the blue monkey, black and white Colobus, the red tailed monkeys, L’Hoest monkeys as well as various birds of the air.

Requirements and Rules to Follow when Going for a Nature Adventure

  • The minimum age for this walk is 6 years and the children must be in company of an adult.
  • The cost of this activity is $60 per person and this is paid at the reception center
  • Carry a rain coat with you for it could rain unexpectedly due to the amount of rain Nyungwe receives per year.
  • Wear the appropriate hiking shoes that will enable you navigate through the slippery trails in the forest. These can also be rented/ hired from the reception center.
  • Walking sticks can also be provided free of charge and these enable easy navigation over the trail.

Summarized Details

Start the Canopy at; 8:00am /10:00am, 7 :00pm or 3:00pm

What to Carry

  • 1 liter of drinking water
  • Hiking boots
  • A rain Jacket
  • Cameras
  • Candid back pack bag
  • A walking stick
  • Camera batteries

Summarized Details of the Nature Walks at Nyungwe

Ngabwe Trail
  • It is a 4.7-kilometer trail
  • Takes about 3 hours to finish and moderate.
  • Takes you through various vegetation zones.
  • It is a relatively short trail although can be extended to about 8 hours.
  • Transferring here takes you towards the Kitabi Tea Plantation.

Bigugu Trail

  • Requires 6 hours to finish.
  • Quite challenging for some people.
  • Takes about 7 kilometers in length and tends to be steep and slippery at most times.
  • Goes till the highest point of the park i.e Bigugu Peak which is 2,950 meter.
  • Requires physical fitness to complete the trail.
  • Very appropriate for all birders due to the unique species found here like the red-collared mountain babbler.
Igishigishigi Trail
  • It is the most famous trail from the Uwinka Reception area of the park i.e it includes walking over the raised canopy.
  • It is approximately 2.4 kilometers requiring 1.5 hours to finish.
Kamiranzovu Marsh Trail
  • Requires 6 kilometers long
  • Takes about 3 hours to finish and on your way you will spot many orchids especially in the rainy season.
Isumo Waterfall Trail
  • This is 10.6 kilometers long and moderate in difficulty
  • Requires about 4 hours to finish
  • You will spot various birds and monkeys along the trail.
Source of the River Nile Trail
  • Requires about 1 and half hours to finish.
  • Does not need so much effort to hike through it.
  • Will give you exceptional views of the scenery along the trail.
Karamba Birding Trail
  • It is a 4 kilometer long trail
  • It is easy and flexible to walk and hike in Nyungwe Forest.
  • The biggest part is flat and relatively open.
  • A lot of Gold mining took place here and later became a quarry for road building material as well as an army camp
  • It is among the less muddy trails in the forest.
Muzimu Trail                
  • It is a 5.2-kilometer trail
  • Relatively distant and takes about 3.5 hours to finish and moderate in difficulty
  • It goes through open heath like vegetation and shrubs
  • There are a lot of wild flowers as well as beautiful views of Lake Kivu in a distance.
Imbaraga Trail
  • It is quite difficult and challenging to take.
  • It is almost 10 kilometers long and requires 6 hours to finish
  • The word Imbaraga means strength making it very open that the trail is difficult to trail.
  • The trail takes you via 4 different waterfalls where you will spot the chimpanzees.
  • The word Imbaraga means strength and it is an indication as to how difficult the trail is
  • It is quite challenging although very rewarding.
Irebero Trail
  • The word Irebero means viewpoint so all that take on this trail always have beautiful scenic views.
  • It is a 3.6-kilometer trail
  • Requires 3 hours to finish and all the views are worth the hike.
  • You will have stunning views from a higher altitude and here expect to spot Rwanda’s beautiful borders and Lake Kivu.
  • Takes you along a loop around two high peaks in the forest.
Umugote Trail
  • It was named after the Syzygium Tree that is often found along the trail.
  • It is a 3.6-kilometer long trail that requires approximately 3 hours to finish.
  • It is moderate in nature
  • This hike requires one to climb up from one side of the mountain where you will have great views of the unspoiled part of the forest.
  • On a clear day, you will spot the beautiful Mountains of Burundi.
Rukuzi Trail
  • It is a fairly challenging trail to hike
  • Includes many chimpanzees in the forest so visitors prefer it since the basic reason as to why people visit Nyungwe is to track the chimpanzees.
  • The trail will take about 5 hours to complete and is over 9 kilometers in length.
Umuyove Trail
  • The word Umuyove means Mahogany i.e many of the trees line the trail making it a very exceptional experience.
  • It is among the famous hikes in the park.
  • It is one of the short trails offering stunning views of the waterfalls and orchids as well as wildflowers.
  • You will encounter primates, birds along the way
  • It is a 5.5 kilometers in length requiring approximately 3.5 hours to finish and is moderate in difficulty.
The Congo-Nile Divide Trail
  • It takes 42 kilometers to reach in about 3-4 days along the fold in the forest.
  • It requires an experienced hiker to trail as well as camping in the forest.
  • It is a tremendous multi-day hike that runs alongside Lake Kivu in Western Rwanda
  • It is the longest hiking trail in Nyungwe Forest.

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