Other Mountain volcanoes in Mgahinga National park Uganda

Mountain Gahinga Volcano

An ascent of Mount Gahinga climbs through bamboo forest to reach a lush swamp which lies in the crater at the summit. The round trip from Ntebeko takes around 6 hours.

Mountain  Muhavura Volcano

This is located in southwestern Uganda and shared between Uganda and Rwanda. At a height of 4,127, mount Muhabura is the 3rd tallest Virunga volcano that when at its peak a tourist can have clear views of lake Edward, Bwindi impenetrable forest and the Rwenzori ranges on the side of Uganda and a view of the major peaks in the Virungas.

Being the 3rd highest mountain in the Virunga volcanoes, hiking it is not just a piece of cake but also rather a challenging but very interesting tourism experience.

Mountain Gahinga VolcanoAll tourists interested in the mount Muhabura hike should be physically fit and not allergic to cold environments. The mountain is also surrounded by thick equatorial rain forests and rainfall is therefore very unpredictable here because it may occur at any time of the day.

Hiking starts very early in the morning at the foothills through the various trails up hill with a lot of sights and sounds from nature’s unique wildlife species.

It also takes about 8-9 hours. For greater tourist experiences, tourists are advised to hike this breathtaking mountain during the months of December, January, May, June and September with minimal amounts of rainfall.