How to Get to Mountain Elgon National Park Uganda

Mountain Elgon National Park is located in the Eastern Part of Uganda traversing both the Uganda and Kenyan borders offering remarkable Hiking Adventure Tours along the majestic Mountain Elgon. Getting there will require you to transfer by road from Kampala City to Mbale and Kapchorwa until you reach the park.

How to Get to Mountain Elgon

The National Park is situated approximately 235 kms East of Kampala and to get there one has to drive along the tarmac road that goes through Jinja to Mbale town located at the western bottom of the tremendous Mountain Elgon.

When you reach here, you can choose to transfer to the North Western Flank at Kapchorwa or drive along the dirt roads that go from Mbale-Kapchorwa the different trail heads.

The Route from Entebbe to Mountain Elgon National Park