Lacam Lodge-Cozy Accommodation Mt. Elgon National Park

Lacam Lodge is a mid range lodge situated along the slopes of the magnificent Mountain Elgon in the Eastern part of Uganda offering accommodation to all kinds of travelers around the world.

This provides an extraordinary stay for all around the Sabiny people who are welcoming and hospitable. Transfer to the cliff edge and here you will have exceptional views of the majestic Sipi Falls. The accommodation provided includes;

Wooden Bandas

These are made out ordinary Timber, grass thatched roofs with;

  • 2 double beds in each
  • Vast decks
  • En suite showers and toilets

Non self contained Bandas

These are three in number with various shared facilities and are less costly compared to the self contained ones. The lodge supports self-camping and includes an Onsite restaurant and fully stocked bar.