Noah’s Ark Hotels, Affordable Safari Accommodation at Mountain Elgon National Park

Noah’s Ark Hotels offers mid range accommodation to travelers and is situated along the slopes of Mountain Elgon and this varies from luxury-midrange as well as budget depending on how much one has prepared to spend.

The hotel has three different divisions and these have the capability to accommodate more than 100 clients from different destinations and fall into the price range of $10 – $100.

The Main Hotel includes;

  • Bedroom with Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Dstv
  • Living room
  • Bath

Single Bed

  • Television
  • Bed
  • Bathroom

Twin Bedroom

  • Bathroom
  • 2 beds
  • Dstv

Non-self-Contained Rooms

  • Bed

Room Rates

  • Bedroom with Living Room-$40 / 80,000/=
  • Single Bed-$ 20 / 40,000/=
  • Twin Bedroom $ 30 / 60,000/=
  • Non-self-Contained Room$15 / 25,000/=

Noah’s Ark Resort VIP

Accommodation at the Resort VIP is cozy with luxurious amenities like en-suite bath, living room, television and a table. This is distributed in various units like the VIP Deluxe, VIP Executive Suite, VIP Single, VIP Double / twin and these vary in prices i.e;

  • VIP Deluxe-$50 /120,000/=
  • VIP Executive Suite-$ 70 / 150,000/=
  • VIP Single -$45/ 100,000/=
  • VIP Double / Twin Occupancy-$55 /140,000

Noah’s Ark Sipi Falls Resort

The Noah’s Ark Sipi Falls Resort offers budget accommodation basically and this is in simple cottages and tents where you can transfer to go hiking the tremendous Sipi Falls. The rates for the accommodation include;

  • Sipi Falls Cottages-$ 70 /150,000/=
  • Sipi Falls Tent $10 / 25,000/=