Sipi River Lodge, Comfortable and Luxury Safari Accommodation at Mountain Elgon National Park

Sipi River Lodge is situated in the Sipi Falls area extending to a distance of about 17 acres of personal land including the 80 meter Kapsurur Falls, vast green gardens and different caves. These are allocated into various units i.e the Kapsurur and Aniet Cottage at the Lodge.

Sipi River Lodge in Uganda

There are also two initial cozy cottages that have been constructed and these are spacious and elegant, offer beautiful views of the waterfalls have en-suite bathrooms with double showers, king sized double beds, extra twin bed and a lounge area.


  • Main house
  • Dining room
  • Log fire
  • Stylish bar
  • Cozy reading lounge
  • Airy veranda.

Below are the cottages;

Chepkui Cottage

This is situated along the hillside with offering exceptional views of the waterfalls to all travelers that stay here while on holiday vacation in the magnificent Mountain Elgon National Park. The cottage has a candid personal garden area very suitable for children to play, master bedroom with a gigantic double bed, en-suite with flushing toilet and shower, lounge area with sofas, bunk bed and day bed accommodating up to 5 different guests.

Chepkui Cottage Annex

This is also referred to as the “Seven Dwarfs House” offers accommodation to all travelers and includes a vast comfortable double bed, en-suite bathroom with an annex to provide extra accommodation in case there is need for more space.

The Piswa and Sasa Bandas

These include various facilities and are located in a verdant area of the garden found near the river. The facilities include;

  • Thatched roundhouses
  • A giant double bed made of local stone
  • Shared bathroom and shower facilities.

Suam Bunkhouse

This accommodates about five different people and is candid with rooms that have personal decks which offer exceptional views of waterfalls. It includes a shared bathroom with shower facilities.