About Mountain Elgon National Park, What to Do and Carry for Hiking Tour at Mountain Elgon

Are you planning to travel to the tremendous Mountain Elgon National Park while on holiday Safari vacation to experience the best, book your trip on time for the best exceptional  encounters and experiences in the pearl of Africa.

Mountain Elgon National Park is the largest extinct volcano in the world that first and last erupted about 24 million years ago covering an area of 50 km by 80 km.

The volcano is also the 7th highest in Africa at 4,321 m and the 4th highest  in East Africa with the 2nd highest peak in Uganda called the Wagagai peak at 4,321 m.

Getting here will require one about 6 hrs of driving for the park is located 140 km North East of Lake Victoria and 280 km from the city of Kampala.

Travel by car/ bus and when you reach Mbale, travel straight to the UWA headquarters to buy/ purchase a permit to allow you to hike/climb the tremendous Mountain peak i.e Wagagai peak. In order to enter the park, you are required to pay a fee of US $90 per person.

Carry the Gear below

  • Sleeping bag for resting/ sleeping in.
  • A full tent just in case you need to camp.
  • Warm clothes like sweater to keep you warm through out you hike and encounters.
  • Rain Gear to protect you from the rain for it rains any time of the day due to Uganda’s location near the equator.
  • hiking boots to enable you navigate through rough steep slippery trails/ routes.
  • Emergency First aid tool box to help you in times injuries.
  • Enough food supplies as well as snacks to eat while transferring to your final destination.

NB: However, the above can be provided/ hired through the park office in Mbale.

You can also hire a guide/ porter to help you carry your luggage to any destination of your choice in the park. These are very experienced and good at what they do.

Book a trip to the beautiful park to experience the best for their are various wildlife animals as well as birds and these include; spotted hyenas, reed bucks,  forest monkeys, small antelope, black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys as well as cave paintings near the trail heads at Budadiri.